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solid floor

Solid Floor - Oak Solid

Wood sort Oak

Lengths from 1300-1500mm
Width 160mm
Thickness 20/21mm
Quality: A, 1bis, Rustic A, Rustic B
Package: In cartons wrapped with folia and on Pallets

brodski pod - rustik A/B brodski pod - prime/1bis



Lengths from 700-2000mm
Width 160mm
Thickness 20/21mm
Quality:  A, 1bis, Rustic A , Rustic B
Package: In cartons wrapped with folia and on Pallets.

brodski pod - mix kvaliteta 1bis/rustikA/rustikB

Mix quality 1bis/RusticA/RusticB

Lengths from 500-1500mm
In width's 83, 90, 110, 125, 130, 150 mm
Thickness 18mm
Quality: A-Prime/1bis 80:20
Finishing with 7 coats varnish, Shine you can still choose from 10, 25 till 40 (mat/shiny)
Package: White cartons with 2 times waterproof film and on Pallets

brodski pod - hrastov lakiran

Varnish Oak Solid Floor, Quality Prime/1bis

Oak solid floor oiled

Oak solid floor oiled

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