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Nature in your home!

solid floor


The reason for the stability and durability of MagicFloor is its unique structure. A 14 mm water resistant plywood lower layer together
with a 6 mm solid Hardwood top layer ensures a stable durable product. MagicFloor gives the appearance and properties of a solid board, together with all the advantages of the various laminated and parquets floor products. Fear of swelling, twisting, warping and shrinking have prevented distributors from supplying this type of products with confidence. However these concerns can be put aside, MagicFloor is the answer.


Wood spices: Oak, Ash, Maple and also different spices of exotic wood
as: Wenge, zebrano, Iroko, Ipe, Jatoba, Teak...

Quality: Prime, 1bis, natur, rustic, country, merkant

Lengths: 1970, 2100, 2200, 2470
Widths: 180, 240mm
Thickness: 20mm



MagicFloor_AmerickiOrahPrime MagicFloor_AmerickiOrahNatur MagicFloor_HrastPrime1bis MagicFloor_HrastRustik

American Black Walnut - prime

American Black Walnut - natur

Oak - prime/1bis

Oak - rustik


MagicFloor_HrastPrime MagicFloor_HrastNatur MagicFloor_HrastCounty MagicFloor_AmerickiHrastPrime

Oak prime

Oak natur

Oak country

American Oak - prime


MagicFloor MagicFloor_JasenRusic MagicFloor_MerbauPrime MagicFloor_BurmaTeakPrime

Ash - prime

Ash - rustic

Merbau - prime

Burma teak - prime


MagicFloor_ZebranoPrime MagicFloor_IrokoPrime MagicFloor_WengePrime MagicFloor_AfrormosiaPrime

Zebrano - prime

Iroko - prime

Wenge - prime

Afrormosia - prime


MagicFloor_AfzeliaDoussiePrime MagicFloor_JatobaPrime MagicFloor_IpePrime MagicFloor_SucupiraPrime

Afzelia doussie - prime


Ipe - prime

Sucupira - prime

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